Let's Get Creative!

Welcome to The Creative Life Academy, where you can elevate your skills, and expand your knowledge on a wide range of topics that contribute to living a more creative life or enjoying more success as a professional artist. Courses and consultations are taught by Carolyn Quan, a multiple-award-winning artist with 40+ years of experience as a professional artist and creative entrepreneur.  
The mission of my online school is to provide learning experiences and offerings that will help you to unleash your creativity or help you to enjoy more success as a professional artist. Each thoughtful offering is a product of 40+ years of acquired experience and knowledge that is created with you in mind. 

Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, we all have innate creative energy that can be extracted, nurtured, and integrated into our lives, resulting in a life filled with self-expression and fulfillment.

- Visionary Artist and Creative Entrepreneur, Carolyn Quan
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